Arise & Shine Vitality

Arise & Shine Vitality 3 Month Health Transformation Promotion


12 Week Access To Your Very Own Doctor of Naturopathy, Certified Nutritionist & Wellness Expert With Over 20 Years Experience!


Program Includes:


*Initial 2 hour visit including: Interpretation and evaluation of completed intake forms (Symptom Survey, Food Journal,) nutritional tests for thyroid function, adrenal function, blood pressure, mineral levels, digestive exam, prayer counseling, comprehensive, customized wellness manual.


*2- 1 hour follow up appointments for second and third month. All nutritional tests and exam are redone to monitor progress.  Progress and any recommended changes will be discussed at each appointment.


*Grocery shopping tour at store of your choice.  You will receive your very own  “Grocery Shopping Tour Binder” filled with everything you need to know on how to shop for healthy, delicious food while getting the most for your money.

If Organics Roots is selected as store of choice, special discount may be applicable on your purchase that day.

*Cooking class. Learn how to meal prep, cook healthy delicious meals, how to stock your fridge/freezer, and pantry.

*Weekly follow up phone consults.

*Daily /weekly encourage tips, and recipes.

*10% discount on supplements.

*Ongoing prayer support.

Total Investment to Transform Your Health:

$999.00 Special price (Only $85 per week)

$599.00 *Special minister/volunteer price (Only $50 per week) This special pricing is available to ministers and volunteers that serve on a regular basis.


Payment plans available.

This is a money back guaranteed program for those that are not satisfied.  All completed food journals must be turned in for refund.


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Arise & Shine Vitality is a Jesus Christ centered wellness practice. For more information visit




I feel there may be a need even within our own family (and of course in the world!) to become more aware of how to best steward our bodies so that we can truly be the sources of God’s love life and hope we are here to be.

Many know how the enemy works in our world in different areas however many may be blinded to how the enemy works with the very choices of food that we choose to put into our bodies. Of course this does not mean that we have to eat only carrot sticks and celery sticks! As I’ve shared about the 80/20 rule. But this is what’s on my heart right now to share. 

My personal mission statement 

My name is Lisa Reynaldo. I am a powerful source of Gods love, light, and hope. I am a true lover, follower, and servant of God, the creator of the universe and Father of my personal Lord, Master, and Savior, Jesus Christ. 

Career and ministry wise, I am a doctor of naturopathy, certified nutritionist, and a wellness transformation coach.  I have been in the natural health care industry for over 20 years.  I have a HUGE passion to help others by empowering them with the education, tools, and support necessary to obtain and maintain optimum levels of health and vitality so that they can truly live their lives at its highest level and fullest potential and be the source of God’s love light and hope that they are here to be!  I firmly believe that in addition to our relationship with God that health is one of the greatest human blessings!  

We have been blessed and given an ultra intelligent body by our Master that was designed to heal itself IF we give it what it needs. When you give the body what it needs, the body will repay you with optimum health, superior energy, exhilarating vitality, and a positive disposition to go out and take advantage of life’s opportunities. Arise & Shine Vitality is designed to bring hope as you are educated with some basic fundamentals and given recommendations for change.

Setting Goals 

It all starts with learning to make the proper choices on a daily basis. Each and every choice we make not only for our health but in every area of our life,  will either work FOR us over time or work AGAINST us over time. Those repeated choices we make will either serve us or destroy us over time. The daily choices we make have a compounding interest effect on our lives much like how our interest bearing bank accounts work.

I firmly believe that a healthy successful thriving life starts with and is determined by paying the price of discipline today through making proper health choices today.  What you invest in your health today determines the quality of your life tomorrow and in the future.  The choices we make dictate the life we lead!

*Temporary change = temporary results, while permanent change = permanent results. 

Lisa Reynaldo, ND, CNHP, CN